I cannot believe I wait so long to update my post.  Yes, it has been a year.  Shame on me.  I am going to write more often as I paint away in my studio.  This has been the worst year in Texas…no rain, over 100 for days on end, it has been bleak.  We did escape to Colorado in August, just couldn’t wait until September when we usually go.  We had the best time and I painted 18 (yes!) paintings.  I have so many photos to choose from and I am constantly photographing animals everywhere I go.  I have concentrated on my pastel art and believe it is getting better all the time.  Visiting the wolves at Mission Wolf was the most helpful.  I must have spent 4 hours watching them and was allowed to go into the area with a family of wolves.  The male wolf took a liking to me and actually licked my face.  Now before you decide “she has lost it” or “she is out of her mind!”….These wolves are rescued from people who tried to raise them from puppies.  It doesn’t work…then they want to get rid of them because they are so destructive and hard to manage.  When I paint these wonderful animals it is like “Build A Wolf”.  Working from their deep undercoat and building up to the guard hair’s is the way I do it.  But it is the eyes that are the most important part.

You will see some new things soon with photos from the zoo of snow leopards and cheetah.  But I have been neglecting my horse paintings and need to revisit that soon.  Miss them.  I still ride my horses every week…really early this summer, as by 10am it was too hot.  But now with the temps in the 50-60 degrees in the mornings, I can actually wait until later.  Love this time of year.

We are so very fortunate that here in Fredericksburg we have 14 galleries.  It is becoming a destination for art!  So many wonderful artist’s to inspire you to do better than you thought you could!  Every first friday there is an “Art Walk” where the galleries have openings and stay open later.  What an education to see all the new paintings.   Well I have gone on for enough time…I promise to bring you more news soon.  Hope you like my new work.