I know… I am not a great “blogger”. Why do I keep procrastinating and putting off doing it? So here I am putting out the effort to bring you up to date on my art. I have loved being in the RS Hanna Gallery now almost two years. It motivates me to get going and paint! MY latest paintings are on their website, rshannagallery.com.

I have so many interests that my ‘priority list’ gets confused…For instance, I love to garden and spent a lot of time making my vegetable garden work. Painting is a big priority too.  Then along came an opportunity to help a friend and a little Islandic Horse find a forever home. He is now part of our family. Macho, came to me because my friend Joanne had rescued him.  He was beaten by cowboys because he couldn’t understand their commands, being from Island and all….I can’t imagine how confused he was especially after I saw what crazy long words are in his language.   She was called as she raises Islandics here and brought him to her place in Kerrville, TX from New Mexico.  Her horses were giving him a hard time and hurting him, he was having a lot of trouble everywhere he went!  We had lost our Rio to cancer in May and my mare Riata was very lonely. It was love immediately between them and Macho had found his forever home. Did we all luck out!

Oak Creek Ranch

Come to find out he is the gentlest sweetest boy ever. However, I had to learn to ride English (Islandic) and even the cues are in Islandic…once we got that down he and I took off, me learning his ways and him learning mine and I might add he now understands some cues in English! My granddaughter Grace came and helped him even more. We went on rides together and he decided he really likes trail riding. So as you see the summer has been a busy one. Thank goodness we have had a very cool June and July for Texas.  After a trip to Normandy France and Paris I am in great need of painting…finally have the time and the desire.